Joseph Ascioti is a Los Angeles based cinematographer and photographer who has shot dozens of projects ranging from music videos and commercials to narrative shorts and feature films, working with major brands such as Old Navy and respected artists such as Amy Adams and Keira Knightley.

Joe was born in Springfield, Massachusetts to engineering parents and, from a very young age, showed interest in the arts. He could often be found taking Polaroids of his friends, drawing pictures of his favorite automobiles, and shooting home movies of his family outings. His grandfather, a former soldier, helped shape his perspective on filmmaking by exposing him to classic war films, such as Saving Private Ryan and Lawrence of Arabia, as a child.

In high school, Joe sought out the only film class available and began learning to edit with Adobe Premiere while also developing an interest in cinematography. He was the lead photographer for his high school yearbook and could be found toting his camera at just about any sporting or school event nearby. Joe then parlayed his work into an internship with a local photography studio prior to heading off to college.

Starting in 2009, Joe attended Full Sail University with the intention of becoming a film editor, but eventually narrowed his sights on cinematography after a brief encounter with ASC cinematographer James Neihouse, an adjunct professor at the university. Joe began honing his craft and was selected to be cinematographer on several of his student projects, gaining experience shooting with both 16mm and 35mm film, a rarity for young cinematographers in his age range.

In the summer of 2011, Joe moved to Los Angeles to begin his career in filmmaking. Starting as a 1st Assistant Camera, he studied under renowned cinematographers Brandon Klein and Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, eventually progressing to cinematography full-time after receiving advice to stick to a single position to better hone his skill set.

As a lover of the arts, Joe is constantly inspired by paintings, sculptures, the global cultures of Los Angeles, and classic Hollywood pictures. He is a very technical-minded cinematographer with a deep appreciation for the creative, possessing a strength for aesthetically pleasing composition, camera movement and naturalistic lighting. Joe continues to expand his knowledge and body of work by collaborating with some of the most talented, up-and-coming directors in the industry within the realm of commercials, music videos and narrative storytelling. 

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